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Jumapili, Novemba 07, 2010

Information about Turnround Music Academy

Hi, below is a write up on our music school to help you prepare for the radio programme tomorrow,please check the brochure and see if there is anything you can add .

We have about 20 students from all backgrounds, church , secular, religious, working class, students etc. We teach all kinds of instruments guitar, keyboard, trumpet, music theory, sight playing voice training etc we have most of these instruments but we also teach those we don't have and ask our students to bring them along and we teach them.

The turnup of students is very encouraging with about 70 students who have expressed an interest to learn and join and of these about 20 have enrolled. The staff of Turn round have formed a music group and we have gone to several institutions to perform live and explain what we do and demonstrate at our music school, some of the schools we have gone to are: 1/Laureate Internatinal School. 2/ Dar-es -salaam International School.

Many schools are going to form partnerships with us with a view of us teaching at their schools or them bringing students to our school. We intend to expand and move to other campuses as demand grows, also we intend to form live bands to perform both gospel amd secular music which will be performing in many diverse occasions.

We also intend to build recording studios and record all upcoming musicians and performing artists. We train musicians to do international exams like those of the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music.of London.We are training musicians to prepare for the famous Tusker project Fame and Bongo Flavour Star search.

Turn Round Music Academy ni chuo kipya kinachowaletea mafunzo mbali mbali ya kozi za upigaji wa kinanda, (keyboard piano) gitaa, zeze, tarumbeta, upulizaji wa saksafoni (midomo ya bata), upulizaji wa filimbi (recorder au flute) pia inatoa elimu ya muziki kwa nadharia, mazoezi ya sauti (uimbaji) Vocals upigaji ngoma tumba na drumset chuo kipo mikocheni B barabara ya old bagamoyo mtaa wa huruma kabla ya kituo cha njia panda coka.

kwa mawasiliano zaidi piga namba:
+255-758-000-881 au +255-762-865-343.
Noah E.O.W.Omolo
Director and teacher of Music.

Wote mnakaribishwa.

Please feel free to call me about the school on any issue of music.
Thank you.

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