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Alhamisi, Machi 06, 2008


Vocal Union is an all-vocal, contemporary Gospel group from Nashville,Tennessee। They began as a group of studio interns in 1995 experimentingwith recording vocal arrangements of traditional gospel music। The soundthey produced found a niche in many churches around the country, and thedecision was made in 1998 to make Vocal Union a touring group. Since thattime, Vocal Union has traveled extensively, performing for special churchevents, community concerts, and fundraisers. The group primarily travelsthroughout the United States, but has also ventured to select venues inCanada and Jamaica. Vocal Union has performed at a wide variety of venuesincluding a performance of sacred Christmas music at Carnegie Hall inDecember of 2005 in Manhattan, New York, and two performances at the WhiteHouse Christmas celebration in Washington, D.C. in December of 2006. Thegroup's fan base has spread worldwide through distribution by Word Records.Fans from Iceland, Nigeria, Brazil, and many other countries all over theworld have signed the group's online guest book and illustrate Vocal Union'sstrong international appeal.Two Vocal Union recording projects: "Once Upon A Tree" and "All Around Me"have earned awards from the Contemporary Acappella Society of America."Once Upon A Tree" was awarded the Best Religious Album of the Year in 2001against stiff competition from the very highly acclaimed groups Take 6 andAcappella."All Around Me" was awarded runner up for Best Religious Album of the Yearin 2005 from The Contemporary Acappella Society of America. This album alsoproduced the song "Livin Love" which was awarded runner up for the BestReligious Song of the Year. The group's most recent project: "Just Like theOld Days" was released in 2007 and is a return to the high-energytraditional sound that the group began with in 1995. Thus far, the albumhas received a warm reception from audiences throughout the United States,and the group has already started putting together material for their nextproject. "Once Upon A Tree", "All Around Me", and "Just Like the Old Days"are available online at the group's website, in manyChristian bookstores, and in seven major international markets.Vocal Union's style ranges from high-energy traditional, to tight-harmonyjazz and soulful spirituals, to contemporary street corner acappella. Thegroup tailors the set list to match the demographics of the audience soeveryone from the very young to the very old will find something to enjoyduring their concerts. Many of their songs feature vocal percussion and"vocal bass guitar" to firmly establish the rhythmic element, and the innervoicings are meticulously arranged and seriously performed to perfection.The group is blessed with some of the finest soloists in Christian music andall of them love to sing with their hearts!"Our goal is to sing the Gospel to as many as possible - whenever andwherever - to teach, uplift, and encourage!"

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